Black Powder Epic Battles: British Highlanders & Riflemen
  • Black Powder Epic Battles: British Highlanders & Riflemen

Black Powder Epic Battles: British Highlanders & Riflemen

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Black Powder Epic Battles: British Highlanders & Riflemen

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Wellington's Allied army was a colourful mix of nationalities and troop types. None were more exotic-looking than the three regiments of Highlanders at the Battle of Waterloo.

With the contents of this plastic boxed set you can field all three of the Highland units – the 42nd 'Black Watch', the 79th Cameron Highlanders and the 92nd Gordon Highlanders. The Highland units had won a reputation for tough fighting in the Peninsular campaign and fought well at Quatre Bras and Waterloo on the following day. They are each commanded by a smartly dressed brigade commander on horseback.

No British army is complete without the splendid Rifle Brigade! Three battalions of the 95th fought at Waterloo in their trademark dark green uniforms. Their efficiency with the Baker rifle was well known to the French, who really did not like to face them! The vast majority of the three units fought in line and square at Waterloo, some famously deployed in skirmish order in the sandpit next to La Haye Sainte. These figures can also be painted to portray the brave German defenders of that vital farmhouse. Finally, we have three 5.5" howitzers in support from the Royal Artillery, lobbing shell-after-shell high over the heads of their troops and onto the French lines.

This plastic set provides enough models to field a complete brigade of three Highlander infantry regiments of 80 men each, 24 skirmishing 95th Rifles, a 3-gun Royal Artillery 5.5-inch howitzer battery and three mounted Highlander brigade commanders.


  • 3 x Highlander Regiments of 80 Men each
  • 3 x Mounted Brigade Commanders
  • 24 x Skirmishing 95th Rifles
  • 3 x Royal Artillery 5.5” Howitzers
  • 1 x Full-colour Napoleonic British flag leaflet

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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