Infinity: Hypercorps
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Infinity: Hypercorps

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Infinity: Hypercorps

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Hypercorps, megacorps, empresas. The corporate battlefields of the Human Sphere are as vicious as a Friday night at the Gambate Cantina and as deadly as Paradiso’s Cauchemar cats. From the top-tier lobby backstabbing in Santiago di Neoterra and Concilium Prima to the very real backstabbing among Submondo’s most vicious criminals, the hypercorps’ influence permeates every aspect of humanity’s existence.

Leviathans of apparent corruption, lacking soul and empathy, the hypercorp is the epitome of all of society’s sins and injustice, or so the hard-line terrorists rant in the deep corners of Maya and Arachne. Yet, the hypercorps sustain billions of people all around the galaxy, and no matter what the general consensus, they are here to stay for the hypercorp is the very essence of the Human Sphere.

Before there was PanOceania and the Second Great Space Race, the hypercorp was already gestating, pushing humanity into space, into greatness through the development of technologies and new political systems. The great nations (yes, even the Nomads!) owe much to the hypercorp!

Of course, the hypercorporations of the future are also responsible for the worst tragedies the Human Sphere has suffered since before the coming of the Evolved Intelligence. Indeed, the stories of tragedies like Helicon, the Caledonian Massacres, Luna, Jupiter, even the Japanese Uprising all include one or more hypercorps with bloodied hands.

Necessary evil, virulent cancer on society, or beacons of light in the darkest moment of humankind’s history? However you decide to approach them, remember this: the hypercorps’ power extends their tentacles all over the Human Sphere, and if you awake their anger, there is nothing that will stop them until they own you and everything dear to you.

The Hypercorps Sourcebook includes:

  • The detailed story of the hypercorps and the Human Sphere, from the Incorporated States’ foiled attempts to the PanOceanian political lobbies.
  • The most renowned and powerful hypercorps in the galaxy, their areas of influence, ambitions, and hostile take-over tactics!
  • Corporate adversaries. From the lowest errand boy to the haughtiest Executive Officer, they are all willing to live by their company’s code of values and attain the coveted Loganto status!
  • Ideas on how to run a campaign with the real villains and heroes of the Human Sphere–the hypercorp–at its center.
  • Rules on how to create and run your own hypercorp, megacorp, or even the humble corporation!
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